I launched my residential real estate business about a year ago and had no idea where to start. For several months I was so frustrated with the small number of leads coming in and an overall lack of traffic to my site. My partner and I discovered Spare Marketer and never looked back. My dedicated marketer came in and built our social media presence and began writing intriguing blogs to drive traffic to our website. Spare Marketer has completely changed our business!
— Jeanette O., Residential Real Estate Agent

My marketer was not only great at understanding my marketing needs but also great at deadlines. She always delivered on time and her work was on point. I will definitively work with her again for other projects.

- Lourdes N., Residential Real Estate Broker


[My marketer from Spare Marketer] is the best freelancer I've ever worked with. Her writing is clear and has a light-hearted tone. She meets all deadlines, communicates well, and has great suggestions. She quickly grasped concepts from a new industry and writes intelligently about them. I will definitely be working with Spare Marketer in the future!

— Jamie T., Real Estate Investing Entrepreneur


“An absolute joy to work with!”

"It's very clear that [my marketer] is a highly driven individual. In the time that we worked together, she regularly came up with new and innovative ideas for ways to improve anything from processes to client experience and was always eager to get involved in and lead my projects. Her attention to detail is admirable and it seemed every project she executed was done flawlessly. I can't recommend [Spare Marketer] highly enough.

- Lisa C., Marketing Executive


My marketer didn't stop until we were totally satisfied with her work. Will definitely use her on future projects.

- Jack K., CEO of Real Estate Investing Start-Up


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