Our Founder


Meet Anna. Writer. Podcast host. World traveler. Serial entrepreneur.

Founder, Anna Grymes

Why real estate marketing? Anna could ask herself the same thing but it really came down to helping her mom build her new real estate business. After 35 years out of the work force, Anna's mom needed some help navigating this unfamiliar digital world of marketing to build her new real estate business. While Anna was working on Wall Street in NYC at the time, she gladly helped out and her mom's business was booming, almost overnight.

A lightbulb went off in Anna's head that there was this huge opportunity to help real estate professionals like her mom that don't have access to digital marketing departments and who may not have the time, expertise or desire to focus on this important part of their business. 

Anna leveraged her expertise through her advertising degree, MBA and years of corporate marketing experience working for and with Fortune 500 companies to build straightforward and reasonably priced marketing packages designed to maximize growth and generate leads for real estate professionals.

She believes in finding the best employees and partners, regardless of their location, and works with marketers across the world to bring Spare Marketer's clients the best service in the industry and for a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. After all, she believes in the spirit of entrepreneurship and the joy of owning your own business, and believes good marketing should be available to everyone regardless of budget.


Our Marketing Ninjas


Meet Alyssa. Artist. Creative. Minimalist. Pittsburgh native. Au Pair to five boys in Santiago, Chile. 

Marketer and Writer, Alyssa DiFolco

Alyssa has always been a creative, both in life and work. So it's no surprise she studied the arts in college - studio art and art history to be exact. But upon graduation she wasn't quite ready to settle down into a traditional office job, so she took an opportunity to work as an au pair and English tutor for a family in Santiago, Chile with five boys under the age of 12.

When Alyssa doesn't have her hands full with her could-be basketball team of young pupils, she enjoys her creative outlet that is writing for some amazing clients at Spare Marketer. Her expertise includes blogging and copy writing, and you can often find her typing away from the beaches of South America. You'll love her spunk and fun sense of humor, and her amazing ability to keep your clients and prospects coming back for more of her entertaining copy.


Meet Leisl. Content creator. Blogging queen. Mom of two. Passionate traveler from the Pac Northwest.

Marketing Consultant, Leisl Bailey of www.leislbailey.com

If you need content that cultivates community interaction and transports your audience to your doorstep, look no further than Leisl Bailey. When she isn't dominating the real estate market with her personal clients, she lends a helping hand as a consultant for Spare Marketer.

A passionate story-teller, curious traveler, and lover of all things chocolate, she's living the dream with her baby on her hip and a pen in her hand. She serves those in the home service space, bribing first-time home-buyers with words until they choose you as their real estate agent/plumber/landscape artist. 

She's in LOVE with crafting copy for your blog and social media sites, which leaves you more time to shake more hands, hike that mountain, and {finally} read that book. You're welcome.